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Software Package Options

Cloud Bookkeeping frequently works with the following software packages on behalf of clients to deliver outstanding services: QuickBooks® Online (Essentials, Plus, Advanced); QuickBooks Online Payroll (Core, Premium, Elite); QuickBooks Time; Swizznet QuickBooks Cloud Hosting;; and SOS Inventory.
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QuickBooks Online Advanced

QuickBooks Online Advanced is ideal for growing businesses with complex workflows that can be more efficient if repetitive tasks are automated and work is delegated to more users who can see only what they need to. If you’re outgrowing the capabilities of your current accounting solution, QuickBooks Online Advanced may be right for your business.

QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus is ideal for businesses that sell both products and services. With QuickBooks Online Plus, you get everything available in Simple Start and Essentials, but you also have the ability to track inventory costs and quantities, create purchase orders, and track project profitability, including labor costs, payroll, and expenses with job costing. You can also connect with your accountant, making it easier at tax time.

QuickBooks Online Essentials

QuickBooks Online Essentials gives businesses with up to three users the ability to track income and expenses, manage accounts receivable, and stay on top of accounts payable (money owed to suppliers). It also gives you the ability to run accounts payable aging reports, so you keep up on bill due dates. You can also connect with your accountant, making it easier at tax time.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll works for small to midsize businesses—from accountants and financial experts to nonprofits, construction companies, and restaurants. There are 3 QuickBooks Payroll plans to choose from. Here’s an overview of each full-service payroll offering:

  • Core: Cover the basics—easily pay your team and have your payroll taxes done for you.
  • Premium: Manage your team and perfect payday with powerful tools and services.
  • Elite: Access on-demand experts to simplify payday and protect what matters most.

QuickBooks Time

Businesses use QuickBooks Time to easily track time on the go with tracking and managing employee time for payroll, invoicing, and scheduling. Millions of employees use QuickBooks Time for accurate timesheets and project tracking each day. QuickBooks Time is the premier automated time tracking software for construction companies, landscaping businesses, small businesses, large businesses, and more.


Swizznet QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

With Swizznet cloud hosting, you can manage your QuickBooks and collaborate in real-time from any computer, anywhere, anytime with all your apps. It’s that simple, and we give you the option to bring your own QuickBooks license or rent a version from Swizznet on a monthly basis. In addition, Swizznet hosting is built on enterprise-grade technology for a fast, secure, and reliable experience you can’t find anywhere else.


BILL integrates with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and connects to your bank to simplify payments and speed up reconciliation. BILL lets you pay bills online, get paid faster with ACH or credit card, and streamline approvals.


SOS Inventory

With SOS Inventory, communication between SOS and QuickBooks Online is bi-directional. A user can perform work in either platform and the information will be imported into the other. SOS reads transactions directly from QuickBooks Online so that QuickBooks Online can be used as the primary place for users to work. SOS will read new invoices, sales receipts, etc., from QuickBooks Online and generate shipments, sales orders, reorder alerts, or other transactions automatically, as specified in the SOS settings.