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Tax Return Preparation Work Papers

Cloud Bookkeeping will build out a complete set of tax return preparation work papers using the highest standards in the industry. Our tax return work papers are built with documents provided by you to support numbers on the tax return.
tax return preparation

Benefits include:

  • Closed to prior year return, equity allocations made, and retained earnings reconciled
  • Completely adjusted, reconciled, and referenced the Balance Sheet report in QuickBooks software
  • Adjusting journal entry workpaper
  • Tied revenue on the Profit and Loss report in QuickBooks software
  • Expense reclassification as needed on Profit and Loss report in QuickBooks software
  • Complete payroll reconciliation
  • Supporting documentation referenced to the balance sheet and Profit and Loss report in QuickBooks software
  • Other annotations as needed to guide the tax preparer
  • Protection in the event of an audit

A Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer Make a Great Team

The best way to ensure that your finances are in good shape and to save time and money is by working with a tax preparer and bookkeeper. Bookkeepers and tax preparers work together to help you manage your finances.

If the books are accurate and your financial statements are complete, it is much easier for your tax preparer to do their job effectively. Bookkeepers help accountants and tax experts to keep your books accurate and up to date so that the accountant can focus on taxes. If your books are a mess you end up spending more time and money while your tax preparer plays catch up.

Hiring a tax preparer and bookkeeper is like having an extra set of hands on staff to help keep up with financial details. These professionals handle different tasks, so you don’t have to be bogged down or risk forgetting something important when juggling work-life balance!

Be Prepared for Tax Season

Cloud Bookkeeping can help you get ready for your annual meeting with the tax preparer. We will make sure that everything is updated and reconciled, so there are no surprises or missed deadlines throughout the year! We also work together with your tax preparer or CPA to make things go smoothly. Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money!

Full Service Bookkeeping

Other services include:

We are a Bookkeeper for QuickBooks® software in San Antonio

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From proactive insights and custom management reporting to expertise in using QuickBooks software, experienced guidance, and seamless client relationships; we don’t just handle your bookkeeping needs, we get it done with unparalleled agility and consistent correspondence with you and your team.

We are your local, approachable bookkeeping team.

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