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Bookkeeping Pricing

We provide the highest quality bookkeeping services at the best value. Each new client experiences the same quoting process for a custom-built solution addressing their needs.

Our Fixed Fee Pricing Structure

With every set of financial books, we complete a deep dive, reviewing every aspect of the bookkeeping resulting in a detailed note set of our findings with recommended solutions to help get your books back on a solid foundation, coupled with an executable scope of work outlined in two phases, at a value driven fixed fee.

What is Fixed Fee Pricing?

Fixed Fee Pricing is a type of payment structure used for bookkeeping services that breaks down the costs into two phases: a one-time clean-up / transition cost and then regular maintenance. The customer knows the cost ahead of time and pays a single flat fee instead of being billed for each individual task or service. This type of payment structure ensures that the customer feels secure about their budget and overall cost for their bookkeeping services. 

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by bookkeeping and finances, don’t worry. You can take the hassle out of managing your bookkeeping process by hiring a professional to do it for you. Professional bookkeepers can help you stay on top of your expenses, budget, and taxes so that you can focus on what you’re good at – running your business. Contact us today to get started!

Phase 1: One-Time Clean-Up

The initial clean-up / transition cost covers the process of bringing accounts and records up to date and making sure they are compliant with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. This phase of the service can include tasks such as reviewing and organizing existing records and documents, creating new processes and procedures, and cleaning up items that are out of compliance. 

Phase 2: Ongoing Maintenance

 Once the cleanup/transition is completed, the customer then moves on to the regular maintenance phase of the service. This includes monthly tasks such as recordkeeping, reconciliations, providing management reporting, payroll processing, sales tax filings, and 1099 vendor management.  On an ongoing basis, this helps the customer to stay compliant and organized, keeps their accounts up to date, and provides an understanding of how their business is doing from a financial perspective. 

Benefits of Fixed Fee Pricing

Fixed fee pricing is the best option for bookkeeping services because it allows the client to know what the full cost of hiring a bookkeeper will be, eliminating surprises or unexpected costs from compounding hourly rates. By setting a single rate for any given service, the client can rest easy knowing exactly how much they will need to pay for a bookkeeper’s services up front. Additionally, fixed fee pricing allows clients to budget more effectively, as there will be no sudden changes to the cost of a job due to the bookkeeping service provider being occupied with the project for a longer period-of-time than expected. A fixed fee model benefits both the bookkeeper, as it provides a guaranteed rate, and the client, as it allows control over their business’ budget.

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